I have been a criminal defense attorney for over ten years and have represented thousands of people facing the criminal justice system. In all those years, I have never lost my passion for defending the accused. What sets me apart from other attorneys is that I truly care about the well-being of my clients and work tirelessly to achieve their goals, not mine. I have a proven track record of fighting for my clients. Testimonials

When people initially contact me, they are worried that they may be convicted of a crime or go to jail or prison. Some people fear they will lose everything - their job, children, family, or housing. They need to be able to drive but some face the prospect of losing that privilege. People charged with crimes also fear losing their reputation or status in the community, losing a security clearance, and/or military rank and retirement. I take these concerns very seriously.

My approach in your case will be to identify the very best legal strategy to defend you and achieve your goals. You will have a strong, experienced, and dedicated advocate on your side throughout the entire process. I am not afraid of the courtroom or the prosecution. I fight for my clients and I will fight for you.

—Meghan A. Matulka, Esq

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